Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Action | Science Fiction | Adventure
7.9 / 10
Release Date
30 July 2014
2 : 1 minutes
Spoken Language
Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser.

Cast Overview :

Peter Quill / Star-Lord
by: Chris Pratt
by: Zoe Saldana
Drax the Destroyer
by: Dave Bautista
Groot (voice)
by: Vin Diesel
Rocket (voice)
by: Bradley Cooper
by: Lee Pace
Yondu Udonta
by: Michael Rooker
by: Karen Gillan
by: Djimon Hounsou
Corpsman Dey
by: John C. Reilly
Nova Prime
by: Glenn Close
The Collector
by: Benicio del Toro
Meredith Quill
by: Laura Haddock
Kraglin / On Set Rocket
by: Sean Gunn
Denarian Saal
by: Peter Serafinowicz
The Broker
by: Christopher Fairbank
On Set Groot
by: Krystian Godlewski
Young Quill
by: Wyatt Oleff
by: Gregg Henry
Meredith's Mother
by: Janis Ahern
Meredith's Brother
by: Solomon Mousley
Meredith's Best Friend
by: Lindsay Morton
Dr. Fitzgibbon
by: Robert Firth
by: Melia Kreiling
by: Tom Proctor
Horuz' Mate
by: Nick Holmes
Sacrificed Nova Corpsman
by: Max Wrottesley
Xandarian Ladies' Man
by: Stan Lee
Pretty Xandarian
by: Nicole Alexandra Shipley
Nova Arresting Pilot
by: Sharif Atkins
Corpsman Dey's Partner
by: Brendan Fehr
Kree Ambassador
by: Tomas Arana
Nova Prime's Assistant
by: Mikaela Hoover
Head Riot Guard
by: Emmett Scanlan
Angry Guard
by: Dominic Grant
Mean Guard
by: Spencer Wilding
Sad Woman with Horns
by: Alison Lintott
Moloka Dar
by: Alexis Rodney
Monstrous Inmate
by: Nathan Fillion
Mottled Prisoner
by: Keeley Forsyth
Burly Prisoner
by: Frank Gilhooley
The Other
by: Alexis Denisof
Watchtower Guard
by: Enzo Cilenti
One Legged Prisoner
by: Richard Katz
Rifle Guard
by: Enoch Frost
"Drop the Leg" Guard
by: Ronan Summers
by: Ophelia Lovibond
Tortured Pink Girl
by: Laura Ortiz
Pit Boss
by: Marama Corlett
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
by: Rosie Jones
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
by: Abidemi Sobande
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
by: Alex Rose
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
by: Ekaterina Zalitko
Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
by: Emily Redding
Cosmo the Space Dog
by: Fred
Knowhere Dispatcher
by: Stephen Blackehart
Sad Krylorian Girl
by: Jennifer Moylan-Taylor
One-Eyed Ravager
by: Bruce Mackinnon
Ravager Pilot
by: Ralph Ineson
Ravager Navigator (voice)
by: Rob Zombie
Nova Centurion
by: Naomi Ryan
Nova Starblaster Pilot
by: John Brotherton
Alien Nova Pilot
by: Graham Shiels
Maskless Sakaaran
by: James Gunn
Maskless Sakaaran
by: Douglas Robson
Corpsman Dey's Wife
by: Rachel Cullen
Corpsman Dey's Daughter
by: Isabella Poynton
Corpsman Dey's Daughter
by: Imogen Poynton
Goth Ravager
by: David Yarovesky
Crying Xandarian Citizen
by: Miriam Lucia
Thanos (uncredited)
by: Josh Brolin
Prisoner (uncredited)
by: Lloyd Kaufman
Ravager Pilot (uncredited)
by: Tyler Bates
Howard the Duck (voice) (uncredited)
by: Seth Green
Kyln Prisoner (uncredited)
by: Jozef Aoki

Member Reviews :

This movie was so AWESOME! I loved it all and i had a bad day before watching it but it turned it around. I love action packed movies and this was great.
Really funny and with great spcial effects. Probably, one of the movies not to miss this year.
  Andres Gomez
This was a pleasant surprise of a movie, full of great humor as well as an intriguing story. It's quick and zany at times. Think Psych in space (back when Psych was funny). The pace is quick and the story line is easy to pick up and follow. What makes the film work is something that early Lucas and Joss Whedon understand: great sci-fi movies are really westerns at heart. There is a relationship with nature, a broken, compromised hero, a deep necessity for teamwork, and the story happens OUT there in the wild. Guardians of the Galaxy has ALL of this. Guardians is already set up for a sequel so we will see if Marvel can continue the magic. It's a great addition to the Marvel universe.
  Grant English
Like most of the reviews here, I agree that Guardians of the Galaxy was an absolute hoot. Guardians never takes itself too seriously which makes this movie a whole lot of fun. The cast was perfectly chosen and even though two of the main five were CG, knowing who voiced and acted alongside them completely filled out these characters. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of those rare complete audience pleasers. Good fun for everyone!
  Travis Bell
The thing about this film when I first saw it, was the incredible juxtaposition of sadness, humor and courage. Great acting! The music is superb. That Sony Walkman must be the best bit of brand advertising ever engaged by a company within a film. The film should appeal to a broad range of viewers.
This movie is more of a comedy than anything else. It is truly a comic magazine brought to life on the big screen and more focused on delivering a sequence of action scenes and laughs than anything intelligent in the form of plot or characters. I would say it is a movie for the younger audience and comic fans. Having said that I must admit that I found it rather fun to watch. The main characters are two mostly irresponsible rascals, one dumb but likable living tree and two fanatics of which one certainly need not apply to the Mensa club. Of the five I liked Rocket and Gamora the best. Rocket is a rather likable rascal and Gamora is simply cool. Quill is sometimes just silly, Groot is more of a living prop and Drax is just too stupid. The story is more or less just there to tie the scenes together. Unfortunately we do really not get much of a background to the Guardians of The Galaxy universe. It would have been nice to get a bit more understanding of why things are as they are etc. The return of this movie is watching the action, the special effects and the laughs. It is an action-adventure-comedy plain and simple. If you approach it as such it works reasonably well. Speaking of special effects, they are generally well done. The designs are interesting. The shape of the bad guys spaceship is totally ludicrous of course but visually pleasing and goes with the rest of the movie’s tendency to be more of a comedy than a serious movie. The same can be said for that cool but weird net they made by interlinking fighter crafts. On the whole an entertaining movie. I have to say that the dancing scene at the end was a wee bit too silly for me though. I have a problem understanding how a movie like this can get such a relatively high rating at IMDb but okay it was fun to watch and it is not entirely undeserved. Personally I think a 7 out of 10 is more in the right region. SHARE THIS:
  Per Gunnar Jonsson
**A long form review originally posted n 2014:** Now that I’ve given _Guardians_ a BluRay watch through, I feel more comfortable reviewing it. I saw it on the first day of its Australian cinematic release, but I wasn’t sure what I thought. I watched it again and still wasn’t sure, but now that it’s six months later, I am sure. I’m a massive fan of director James Gunn. Come to think of it, I’m also also a big fan of Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Chris Pratt, Benicio Del Toro, Djimon Honsou, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Peter Serafinowicz, Alexis Denisof, Rob Zombie and Nathan Fillion, and they’re all in this. Not to mention I’m an absolute sucker for the MCU. So after hearing that a very decent chunk of the fanbase thinking that not only was this the best Marvel film of the year (going up against _Winter Soldier_ and _Days of Future Past_), but that they would then go on to say it was the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film ever, you could imagine I was very surprised to find that I actually didn’t think it was all that great. I don’t want people thinking I didn’t like it. I did. In fact I will go on record saying that it was miles away from their worst film, and if I’m being honest they handled the last 25 minutes (arguably the most important part) of the film absolutely spectacularly. But I didn’t get the magic that everyone was telling me about. How this was the film for the new generation. I didn’t even get the sense of satisfaction that I had in Cap’s movie just a few months previous. So many things seemed under utilised, but I don’t know what you could have cut to make room for the extra things I wanted. Which means the only way to get it is to have a longer film. It’s already two hours, and a longer movie means a bigger budget and less screenings. ie. more money going out and less money coming in. And at the end of the day Disney is a business, and they have to make their money the best way they think they can. So I understand why it wasn’t perfect for me, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling _Guardians_ is a mite overrated. Good damn movie. But overrated. Personally I’d stick it somewhere in the middle of the MCU’s releases thus far. Leaps and bounds above _The Incredible Hulk_, _The Dark World_ and _Iron Man 2_, but not so beloved as the likes of _The Avengers_, _Winter Soldier_ or _Iron Man 1_. 73% -_Gimly_
Guardians of the Galaxy is a gorgeous and wonderfully entertaining space opera. The characters are so damn lovable, the world building is incredible, the soundtrack gives the film an entirely unique feel, and the effects are astoundingly first rate. The story follows the pattern of the space fantasies that influenced George Lucas, but the presentation is the work of the extraordinarily gifted filmmaker James Gunn. If we ever forget that the MCU was ever a thing (we won't but let's just be hypothetical), many generations will still be talking about this fantastic movie.
When planning how I was going watch all these MCU films, this is one I earmarked as being one I thought I'd enjoy - not based on anything of note, I knew very little, but from the passing screenshots and such I had seen it seemed like one I'd enjoy. I'm happy to say I certainly did! 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is so enjoyable. It's 121 minutes of pure entertainment. It does, at least to me, have a different feel to it when compared to the nine preceding MCU films. That's not a negative for either this or those earlier productions, it just felt different to me. I particularly enjoyed the cast, which features - as is customary at this point - a load of well known names. Chris Pratt is, probably, the perfect choice for Peter, he carries the role extremely well - his humour sticks out, but he also performs the more serious stuff nicely. Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper and Michael Rooker are all thoroughly enjoyable too. Vin Diesel (kinda?) appears to portray Groot, which pleases me as someone who is a big fan of 'Fast & Furious'. There are a few others in there, including Djimon Hounsou and Benicio del Toro. Terrific cast! There is a lot to like here. I look forward to seeing the follow-ups to it.